New Media Maze the Interactive Marketing Consultancy are launching a new viral marketing campaign to promote the International release of The Ring 2 on DVD this month.

Commissioned by DreamWorks Home Entertainment, the viral campaign is being dubbed the ‘scariest viral ever’ to hit the internet and mimics an actual scene from the movie. New Media Maze Director Dave Smith explains ‘’The Ring 2 is the chilling sequel to the smash hit horror flick The Ring, starring Naomi Watts. She reprises her role as Rachel Keller and attempts to move on from the horrors of the first film, which fail as she once again finds herself with a mysterious videotape in hand. We have created the viral upon these key themes – if you watch the tape, your phone rings and you are told that you only have 7 days left to live. We’ve essentially recreated that experience online and the effect – like the movie, is truly chilling.’’

Visitors to the DVD launch site are invited to scare their mates by entering their email address and mobile telephone number. The site then sends an email to the visitors friend, inviting them to click on a link, and watch the video. As they’re watching it, their mobile phone rings, and a voice whispers “Seven days” down the phone. Dave Smith adds “Once they’ve experienced the terror of the viral, we ‘reveal’ that in this instance it was just a wind up by their friend, and invite them to spread the fear by entering the details of five of their friends. In this way we create a viral effect. We’ve already launched the viral in Australia, where the it has really taken off – there’s already been over ten thousand interactions with the viral, from a very small seeding base. We’ve also had some great feedback directly from consumers and also seen several people discussing the viral in Australian newsgroups, which is a great endorsement of the campaign.”

As well as building the viral, which combines flash, php, a database and integration with VoIP telephony, New Media Maze are seeding the campaign over Europe and the UK activity is due to start today. “We’re really expecting this to take off in the UK, and we’re planning a huge launch for the viral with a big initial seeding base. This type of campaign really demonstrates the power of viral marketing. Only with a viral campaign can you engage the consumer, encourage them to interact with you, allow them to experience the fear from a movie, and then have them endorse your product by sending the viral to five of their friends” adds Dave Smith.



About New Media Maze:

New Media Maze is a full-service interactive marketing consultancy based in London, UK. Founded in 2000, the company services a broad range of blue chip clients, including some of the leading global entertainment companies such as Universal Pictures Video, DreamWorks, Momentum Pictures, Ubisoft, 2 Entertain EA and Sega.
One of the few truly independent full-service digital agencies, New Media Maze provides insight into a broad range of consumer groups, strategy and implementation services for well-known B2C brands. It prides itself on its award-winning creativity, high service levels, attention to detail and dedication to providing its clients with accurate reporting of campaign results.

The agency acts as a one-stop-shop for clients, allowing them to draw on modular or fully integrated online marketing services including: PR, advertising, viral marketing, email and mobile marketing, search engine optimisation and marketing, content deals, and affiliate marketing.
Award-winning creative services include: Advertising creative, web design, viral production, online video editing and HTML emails.

Recent campaigns include the development and seeding of a viral game for Ubisoft’s Splinter Cell (Late Home viral), which achieved over 800,000 views within days of being launched, attaining number one best viral campaign in the Lycos Chart, in August and September 2004. For other separate campaigns, New Media Maze has achieved number two and number three ratings for best viral campaign in New Media Age magazine, August 2004.

The agency employs 28 full time staff and are based in Hoxton Square.


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Published on: 12:00AM on 23rd August 2005