Nielsen//NetRatings, the leading provider of Internet research, looks at the growth of the eBay phenomenon over the last year - one that shows little sign of slowing down:

* eBay increased its lead over Google as the #1 ranked brand in the UK by web page views

* Almost 3.1 million eBay web pages were viewed in July 05 – a 44% increase on the same time last year

* 10.9 million people visited eBay in July 05 - a 30% growth and the largest of the top five brands (by visitor) over the past year

* 43% of the Internet population visited eBay in July 05 – up from 33% on the same time last year

Alex Burmaster, European Internet Analyst at Nielsen//NetRatings says “We all know that eBay has been a huge success - but why? For many people eBay represents, more than any other brand, the greatest attributes about the Internet – empowering and bringing people with complementary interests together. The potential of the web to provide a virtual marketplace matching individual supply and demand has been realised brilliantly by eBay particularly when you consider that the site is visited each month by almost half of the entire UK Internet population.”

Alex Burmaster comments “The phenomenal performance of eBay is highlighted through the success of its individual channels. Its Motors section is the most visited channel in the whole automotive sector and it holds the top two most visited sites in the Nielsen//NetRatings Home and Fashion category – namely its Clothing, Shoes & Accessories and Home & Garden sections.

More than 1 in 10 people of the entire UK population are visiting eBay Home and Fashion – a particularly huge penetration when you consider the institution that is the high street clothes shop. eBay has been one of the pioneers in turning people
online to shop based on the advantages of easier price comparison and purchasing convenience.”


* eBay visitors average one hour 54 minutes on the site and view 280 pages per month

* 22% are heavy users (over 2 hours) – they account for 82% of the total time spent on eBay – they average six hours 55 minutes per month

* 35% are medium users (15 minutes - 2 hours) – they account for 16% of the total time – they average 53 minutes per month

* 43% are light users (less than 15 minutes) – they account for 2% of the total time – they average five minutes per month

* Heavy eBay users are most likely to be on between 5pm and 6pm, medium users between 8pm and 9pm, light users between 6pm and 7pm

* Heavy users account for the majority of total users between the hours of 10pm and 3pm – the greatest majority being between the hours of 3am and 6am

Source: Nielsen//NetRatings UK Analytics home & work data, July 05

Alex Burmaster says “The majority of total time spent on eBay in the UK is accounted for by a minority of users - indicating that for this group eBay is very much a regular habit, indeed, they average almost seven hours per month. However, with 43% of people staying for less than 15 minutes per month the most likely visitor is someone having a cursory look through the site.”


eBay’s audience profile generally reflects the web as a whole but is:

* Slightly more male-orientated - 57% male, 43% female compared to 52% male, 48% female for the Internet population as a whole

* Slightly more likely to be 35 or over - 58% in this age group compared to 55% for the Internet population as a whole

Age profile of eBay audience – July 05

E.g. 37% of visitors to eBay in July 05 were between 35 and 49 years of age
Source: Nielsen//NetRatings UK NetView® home & work data, July 05

Alex Burmaster - “Everyone seems to be using eBay; it isn’t just the preserve of the young and web-literate. eBay is pretty much used by as many people over 50 as by those under 25. The site has a broad appeal which is probably responsible for attracting large numbers of first-time users to the e-commerce aspect of the Internet – hopefully providing a positive knock-on effect for all companies operating in the realm of e-commerce.”


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