Mobile marketing solutions specialist Incentivated ( today announced the launch of 'iris', a sophisticated web-based mobile marketing tool. Iris allows companies or their advertising agencies to run local, regional or national marketing campaigns for themselves using the very latest in text and picture messaging technology. Iris also incorporates an integrated email marketing facility which combines, in a single campaign, the different benefits of the two interactive media; mobile and email.

Incentivated provides software and campaign management services for integrated mobile marketing activities. Its solutions are used by leading brands and marketing services firms to drive a number of marketing campaigns; including text & win competitions, direct response marketing, promotional offers and activity alerts.

With a single interface that can be used on any PC iris enables users to set up two-way interactions with their customers’ mobile phones, enabling customers to respond immediately to promotions or offers, as well as send one or more text or picture messages at a time. iris offers email marketing capability with enhanced usability and detailed campaign tracking through its advanced administration tools. Messages can be sent using MMS, WAP Push, SMS and email, from short-codes (i.e 12345) or alpha-numerical originators (i.e ”Brand”). Its inbuilt security features allow the head office or brand manager to exercise as much or as little control over individual sites or other users as they wish.

iris has an extensive range of applications including two new mobile services:

- ‘Find My Nearest’ – A system that links national advertising (outdoor, print or direct mail) to the customer’s nearest outlet using Location Based Services.

- ‘Ticket Request by SMS’ – Allows customers to order brochures or tickets to be posted to them by texting their house number and postcode. Alternatively by sending an email address, an e-Brochure can be ordered and delivered by email.

iris is fully compliant with the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations and the DPA.

Jonathan Bass, Managing Director of Incentivated said, “Mobile is becoming an increasingly sophisticated and powerful marketing medium with an extensive range of applications. We have developed iris to give clients, their sales and marketing teams or advertising agencies far greater control over their text and picture messaging campaigns while incorporating an integrated email marketing upgrade.”

He added, “The power of mobile marketing is in allowing companies and their agencies to manage their own inbound and outbound campaigns, because nobody knows their market better than they do. One day soon every poster, magazine ad and TV campaign will display a short-code for direct response purposes, just as web addresses are now pervasive in traditional media.”

Published on: 12:00AM on 25th August 2005