• Thomson and UK Tickle create interactive test to make choosing holidays online easier
• Consumers take psychological test on Tickle and are directed to destination pages on Thomson.co.uk containing holiday recommendations tailored to their travel personality
• An open-ended viral campaign to drive targeted traffic to specific destinations on Thomson.co.uk
• Engages with consumers and demonstrates Thomson’s understanding of holidaymakers’ individual needs

Thomson, the UK’s leading travel brand, has partnered for the first time with the interpersonal media web site Tickle.com to launch a new online marketing initiative. The ‘Travel Personality Profiler’ has been developed to engage with a core online audience and drive targeted traffic to specific destinations on Thomson.co.uk. The service will be live on uk.Tickle.com until October 2005.

The profiler has been developed by psychologist, Dr. Russ King, and asks consumers a series of questions about their holiday habits and lifestyle. At the end of the test, the user is given a unique insight into the type of holidaymaker that they most closely match and then directed to Thomson.co.uk.

Thomson has created tailored landing pages for each travel personality containing recommended holiday destinations, accommodation options and activities for the individual profiles.

The campaign was developed by Bluepool, the online marketing and ePR arm of Lexis Public Relations.

Graham Donoghue, head of new media at Thomson, commented: “This partnership enables us to engage with potential customers when they are enjoying leisure interest sites such as Tickle and are at the earliest stage of their holiday decision making process. To be able to provide customers with tailored recommendations, before they have even entered our web site, makes researching and purchasing holidays online an even easier experience.”

Test will available online at http://uk.tickle.com/test/traveller.html

For more information on the Thomson Travel Personality Test please contact:

Michelle Goodall
Lexis PR
020 7908 6531

Claire Culshaw
Lexis PR
020 7908 6416

Published on: 12:00AM on 30th August 2005