LONDON, UK, <06.09.2005> Referral-based interactive marketing provider Responsewave ( has released a gambling industry version of its electronic word-of-mouth marketing campaigning technology. The new gambling version of Responsewave’s allows gambling companies to use referrals from their existing customers for effective new customer acquisition.

Responsewave’s electronic word-of-mouth marketing technology has now been tailored for the gambling industry. It allows gambling companies to provide incentives to their existing players to motivate them to recruit their friends to register for an account. The successful recommendations are rewarded when the friends take action on the introductory offer from a friend. As a motivation to pass-along the messages, the gambling company can build virtually any type of incentive program on Responsewave’s flexible campaign platform.

In an average Responsewave campaign, recommendations from a friend yield open rates of over 80% and conversion rates just over 50%. “It’s all about trust, friendships, and good advice” says Jesse Sandqvist, the UK Business Development Director of Responsewave. “Life is full of recommendations, and people take their friends seriously. That is the main reason why, targeted recommendations cut through the normal marketing clutter and are such invaluable marketing vehicles.” Sandqvist adds.

Many of the gambling companies already have some sort of “refer a friend” functionality on their websites but what Responsewave brings in is the finesse of direct marketing, multi channel integration, wireless capabilities, personalisation, and event-based triggered marketing into the refer a friend campaigning. That is why Responsewave response rates beat the easily the industry average. Also the fact that sets Responsewave apart is the fact that their reporting tool gives customers full transparency in real-time to every aspect of their campaigns.

Effectively by using Responsewave, the gambling sites’ existing customers will become their new marketing channel. Responsewave refer a friend campaigns help gambling sites to build brands and grow customer databases by attracting new customers, engaging existing customers, increasing leads and sales, and finally identifying most active and most influential people in the database; the brand heroes.

The Responsewave technology can be used to run individual referral campaigns or alternatively it can be used to put powerful referral marketing features directly on any gambling web site as a permanent feature.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 6th September 2005