Eyeblaster, the global leader in rich media advertising technology, has announced the introduction of two new interactive features - Ad Unit Synchronization and Behavioral Sequencing. These features and other enhancements are included in the company’s latest release (version 6.0) of its award-winning Rich Media Platform.

Ad Unit Synchronization enables advertisers to deliver multiple ad units that seamlessly interact with each other on the same page. The creative synchronization helps establish greater interactive presence, broadening the impact of the advertisement.

Committed to innovation, Eyeblaster has also updated its behavioral ad feature. With Behavioral Sequencing advertisers can form a deeper connection with their consumers and gain insight into online preferences.

Eyeblaster’s Behavioral Sequencing feature allows advertisers to target rich media advertising messages to customers based upon their previous interactions with ads in the campaign. This feature provides the ability to create unlimited message threads and to dynamically optimize the messaging paths once a campaign is in flight. Behavioral Sequencing delivers a wealth of performance data as the company’s comprehensive reporting details viewer interactions during each message level of the campaign.

“Our Behavioral Sequencing feature is a powerful opportunity for direct marketers,” said Gal Trifon, CEO Eyeblaster. “Unlike other standard advertising options, this feature employs the flexibility of rich media to truly connect with consumers and deliver promotions tailored to their interests.”

Eyeblaster provides ten different in banner and out-of-banner ad formats to help advertisers and their agencies showcase their interactive campaigns. All Eyeblaster formats can include the company’s new offerings - Ad Unit Synchronization and Behavioral Sequencing – as well as standard Eyeblaster features such as video, dynamic data, polling, viral marketing opportunities and more.

See the two new formats here:

Demo for advanced behavioural ads

Demo for ad synchronization:

Other Enhancements
Eyeblaster’s latest release of its Platform includes a variety of time saving workflow upgrades to help clients create and manage their interactive campaigns. Version 6.0 is loaded with new functionality including: online help resources, enhanced custom interaction reporting, improved ad previews and new QA tools for third party tracking.


About Eyeblaster
Eyeblaster is the leader in rich media ad technology and a worldwide provider of unified digital marketing solutions. Eyeblaster provides interactive agencies, advertisers and publishers the first single solution to create, deliver and manage all forms of digital advertising through one powerful web dashboard. The Eyeblaster platform enables clients to deliver communications across multiple digital channels with 100% user control and no reliance on a ‘middleman vendor’ anywhere in the campaign process. Eyeblaster, Inc. was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in New York, with offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Detroit, London, Barcelona, Hamburg, Tokyo, Sao Paolo and Sydney, with product development facilities in Israel. Learn more at www.eyeblaster.com.

Published on: 12:00AM on 12th September 2005