Reflection of veggie pop-up success

Bosh is a cooking channel that focuses on plant-based recipes. 

While it’s nowhere near as big as Buzzfeed Food (or Tasty in the US), its short and stylish videos have garnered a steady stream of fans – both veggie and otherwise.

With its focus on fast and freshly-made food, the collaboration makes sense for Pret, and helps to cement the success of its summer veggie pop-up. 

As my colleague Ben recently explained, the innovative and customer-centric approach of its experiment turned out to be a hit with both loyal and new visitors.

Choosing a vegetarian Chef’s Special and a veggie cooking channel as its first real foray into recipe videos – there’s no denying Pret’s celebration of this meat-free trend.

Value exchange for consumers

Video is one platform that offers a direct value exchange

By releasing a video on a plant-based channel, it is clearly a nod to customers who have supported Pret’s pop-up, but more than that, it’s a chance for the brand to enter into a new domain.

With its on-the-go nature, Pret is a brand that starts and stops outside of the home.

So, a recipe video is a chance to reach consumers in their own kitchens, enabling them to engage on a more intimate level. 

Although Pret has released videos of ‘smoothie recipes’ in the past, they merely pointed viewers to a list of ingredients on the Pret website.

This time, as well as being in collaboration with another channel, the videos are longer and do not require the viewer to leave the platform.

It is interesting to note that there is minimal branding, with the only sign being a Pret green juice placed in the background.

This was a clever move by both Pret and Bosh, as it means that even naysayers of the brand are likely to watch and enjoy. 

Other brands creating recipe videos

Garnering over a million views, the Pret video has been the biggest success for Bosh so far. 

However, it’s not the only brand to appear on the channel – London restaurant Mildred’s also teamed up with the site for a video on peanut butter brownies.

In terms of the industry, Bosh is a relatively new player in the world of recipe video sites.

From Buzzfeed Tasty to Tastemade, there is an expanding collection out there following a very similar formula.

Typically using stop-motion footage shot from overhead, and including fast and simple recipes – they are perfectly aligned to how people consumer content on social media.

Unsurprisingly, sites like Buzzfeed Tasty feature brands on a regular basis, such as the below recipe which includes US brand Triscuit as a main ingredient. 

With this video garnering an incredible 23m views, there’s no denying the popularity of Buzzfeed’s formula (with or without brand inclusion). 

As the likes of Pret experiment with this trend, we could see even more UK brands jump on the recipe video bandwagon.  

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