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"98.6% of Fortune 1000 businesses say that data privacy is their top data priority in 2019"

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GDPR: Webinar Resources

Webinar Recording Your GDPR Survival Pack Navigate your way through the GDPR with our handy survival pack. Report: A Marketer’s Guide to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Elearning: GDPR Essentials for Marketers Online Classroom Elearning: GDPR microlearning modules Face to face training: GDPR for Marketers 

Opportunities and Challenges for Marketers in 2018

Foreword Welcome to Econsultancy’s 2018 opportunities and challenges report where we bring to the table our perspectives on the forces shaping the marketing industry over the coming months. Almost every year, new channels and technologies emerge that quickly change the environment in which marketers operate. It would seem that the marketing landscape is in a […]

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Let’s play “Cookie Data’s Illegal”: Your move

Outlaw! It’s the creative brainstorming game marketing communications companies often play to encourage participants to come up with ideas for new products and services, and ways to change the way their businesses work for the better.

It simply asks the participants to come up with ideas and innovative answers to the question: “What would you do if they made what your company does illegal?”

Online Learning: GDPR Essentials for Marketers

Learn the essentials of the new data protection regulations from the comfort of your own desk. The course is split across three themes:

  • The GDPR law and what it is
  • What the changes mean for your organisation
  • The implications for each channel or activity within marketing
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GDPR An overview

GDPR: An overview

What GDPR is and the key rights that marketers and data controllers need to understand.

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