The involvement of content increased due to the change in human behavior and Google started ranking great content high in the SERPs.

I shared a presentation on SlideShare “The Content Marketing Approach to Branding” earlier, where I talked using stats and figures to show the importance of content marketing and why you should implement it in your projects.

Ok! So you need content, it is important, it works for your brand. Now what? You cannot be complacent with some articles posted once in a blue moon.

Let’s talk a bit further about how you should generate content, content strategy and define the goals of content marketing that can actually bring you sales and help you in branding.

Content generation

While generating content your task must be to write the most engaging content on hot topics and problem solving tips so that you can help many people searching for the solution.

The purpose of these articles should be to get as many people as you can through your expert recommendations instead of using a selling pitch for attracting people. If your expertise is useful and problem solving, users will surely contact you for further help. “Make your content strategy for the future!”

Content strategy

Content marketing is a long game and your best move is to consistently create engaging, highly researched and sharable content that your readers can’t wait to read. It is an ideal way to reach new customers who are looking for your services but are not able to find you.

For better results, you need a precise content strategy for acquiring new customers and for company branding. This strategy should be based on the proper understanding of business, why do people share the content and when they actually decide to buy or not.

Hence, content marketing is the best strategy for acquiring new customers and for company branding as it cannot be spammed for making it viral as it is actually based on the quality of content that makes the readers “wow!”

Content marketing

Your content marketing goals must be to:

  • Fulfill your customer’s needs.
  • Build credibility.
  • Aid discovery via search.
  • Become a perfect resource that others want to link to.
  • Community building.
  • Get company exposure.
  • Increase the sales ratio.
  • Make the content viral.

Content marketing isn’t a tactic and isn’t similar for every industry. You need to constantly check what works and what doesn’t, which articles get the most links, shares and become viral.

Try new things to analyze your audience and understand what they like to comment and share. The major success of any content marketing is to build a trusted community on your website, provide them a best experience and achieve your goals.

Building a community through content

The major success of any content marketing is to build a trusted community on your website, to provide them a best experience and to achieve your goals.

Community building is the most powerful way of “growth” – it is not limited to little number of benefits that end after some time.

Building a community is an ideal marketing practice. It doesn’t suddenly work and the audience won’t be built with just one time activity. You need to make an effective strategy according to your market, perform specific tasks, set targets to improve sales performance and check the results.

For community building you need:

  • To have a unique approach..
  • Provide people with a new platform.
  • Give visitors a reason to become a loyal member of your community.
  • Learn everything you can about them.
  • Check visitors’ behavior and what they do.
  • Provide content that people want to receive and talk about.
  • Get your customers and community involved in creating content as it is also a really powerful way to generate loyalty and to create more value for your community.

Community Building Approach:

  • Content that educates.
  • Content that builds trust.
  • User generated content.
  • Team generated content.
  • Content that converts.

Branding with content

Content builds your brand. Now, In 2013, content has become a much more significant part of brand communications and it is used by many more marketers now. Some companies have already utilized it including Coke, RedBull, Intel and more which are purely focused on content.

Facebook is also pushing companies to promote their quality posts to ensure that the content is seen and shared by many!

According to David Armano at Edelman Digital:

Content may become your company’s most valuable asset in 2013. For years Google has been refining its algorithm, cracking down on unsavory tactics that compromise the quality of search results. The algorithms are good enough now as the most compelling content dominates search results.

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