44% of publishers now sell display inventory via real time bidding (RTB), a figure which rises to 49% for North American respondents. Overall, RTB accounts for 17% of global display revenue. 

These are some of the findings from Econsultancy’s second Online Publishers Survey Report, carried out in association with the Rubicon Project, and based on a survey of nearly 500 online publishers, sales houses and rep firms.

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Display inventory sold on a real-time bidding basis

44% of publishers sell their display inventory on a real-time bidding basis, with a higher proportion of North American respondents (49%) indicating that they do this, compared to 41% in Europe. 

On average, a quarter of publishers’ remnant display inventory is sold on an RTB basis.

North American respondents are selling a higher proportion of their remnant inventory on an RTB basis than their European counterparts – around a third (30%) compared to just over a fifth (21%) in Europe.

Is any of your display inventory sold on a real-time bidding (RTB) basis?

RTB and increases in remnant revenue

Globally, the average increase in the value of remnant inventory due to RTB is 20%. Around half of publishers surveyed reported increases between 1% and 10%, while 10% indicated that their remnant revenue increased by more than 50%.

By how much has your overall remnant revenue increased as a result of RTB?

Investment in RTB by ad networks

The report also includes the findings from a survey of 160 respondents from ad networks, so we can get a view from them on plans to invest in RTB. 

68% of ad network respondents said they are investing in RTB technology, while a further 17% plan to do so within the next 12 months.

Use of RTB by ad networks

37% of networks are using RTB for both buying and selling, with a higher proportion of European respondents doing both (37% compared to 31% for North America).

Do you use real-time bidding (RTB) for any of the following?