How is the value of PPC changing, if at all, for REISS? How has your investment changed?

PPC plays an important role of the revenue produced for REISS, not just from a last click perspective.

We’re constantly expanding our global footprint through PPC and also nationally [in the UK] where the majority of revenue is generated.

Investment in PPC is increasing due to its efficiency, especially internationally where other channels may not achieve results as quickly as PPC can. 


How scalable is PPC?

Very, due to the nature of PPC it’s probably the most scalable of the digital channels.

PPC can be targeted to the very minute detail with everything easily measurable. PPC can be a good starting point to gauge interest in new markets and can be very reactive in a speedy manner.

For example if something occurs offline (Kate Middleton seen wearing REISS), we can ensure we’re covered in PPC faster than other channels.

Using an attribution model does make everything easier; we all have digital backgrounds in the team so there isn’t a last click mentality which helps us move forward. Generic PPC plays an important role in driving new customers so having the knowledge and understanding in the team is a blessing coming from an agency background.

What factors influence bidding at REISS?

There are two main factors we look at in PPC: acquiring new customers at an efficient ROI. 

Does PPC impact footfall?

PPC will play a role, especially when we’re launching a new store but it’s not as influential as other channels such as social.

All stores have iPads customers can use which is treated separately when we’re analysing website analytics, however, we can match the user journey when they login in store. 

To what extent is bidding automated?

Not 100% but there are automated rules in place, for example, keeping brand in top positions whilst paying optimal CPCs.

Generics use automated bidding rules but they’re more complex, taking into account new visitors with ROI in mind. However, our top priority generics will have a manual bidding approach. 

How does PPC work in relation to other channels (e.g. display, social ads), or attribution more broadly?

PPC will compliment all onsite messaging which will be consistent across display, social, email and affiliates to keep everything seamless for the consumer.

We’re an in-house digital team so we regularly all get together when brainstorming campaign ideas to ensure everything is consistent across the channel mix. We do use an attribution model to measure our activity and the insights obtained will feed into future campaigns.

However, our attribution model is ever evolving!

What’s the next big thing for REISS in search? Remarketing, PLAs?

Remarketing is used throughout search and display. I share my remarketing attributes on the Google Analytics Solutions Gallery; however the next big thing in search for REISS is international expansion and PLAs.

We cover all territories we deliver to but the next big step is localising our campaigns.

Regarding PLAs, we do all of our own product shoots and product descriptions which are Google Shopping friendly. We also manage our product feed which really helps with tweaks and updates.

However, the big thing regarding PLAs will be international expansion. Google Shopping can be a great way to break into new markets, not just generating efficient sales but also brand awareness.