Customer data specialist QuBit has launched a new tool that captures, categorises and analyses feedback from website users in real time. 

Called Exit Feedback, this targets people when they’re leaving a site and invites them to provide feedback on their experience in free text. It’s already in place on the websites of Arcadia Group, the BBC, Blackberry and Duchamp.


QuBit says that this targeted approach generates response rates of 30-100 times larger than sites with non-targeted feedback tools.

Not only this, but the tool then interprets and categorises the feedback. This highlights areas of concern within a site and makes it easier to deal with issues directly.

A dashboard allows users to quickly identify the biggest problem areas based on topic and sentiment, and a timeline feature shows how specific topics are trending over time.

QuBit CEO Graham Cooke said that even though there’s a range of ways to capture customer feedback online, the key is to work smarter instead of harder.

Our data can be combined with CRM or web analytics information to add a rich layer of customer understanding on top of dry numbers.”

The Exit Feedback tool can support multiple languages and also be rebranded as neccessary to align with the design of each website.

Founded by four Googlers and launched as a partner to the search giant, QuBit’s focus is on integrating human and machine-based analysis of data.

Exit Feedback is the latest addition to a suite of products that apply algorithmic processing to provide site owners with actionable insights.

A website feedback tool isn’t exactly the sexiest of data-driven features, but it’s a simple and often overlooked way to capture what people think about your services at the very moment they’re thinking about them.

The beauty here is the combination of how timely this is with strong filtering that makes it easy to see where the real problems are.