Luxury brands are among the retailers who probably stand to benefit most from timeline as their image is normally built on a historical legacy of quality products and good service, so I thought I’d see whether high end fashion brands have sought to take advantage of the opportunity. As you’ll see though, the results are quite underwhelming.

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Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren has a fairly sparse timeline, with just 18 pieces of content summarising 40 years of history starting from 1967.

It starts well, with interesting images posted for the first three years of the company’s existence but then very quickly loses steam.

Ralph Lauren must have a huge number of interesting and iconic adverts from the seventies and eighties, so it’s a surprise that the brand has made so little effort to populate its Facebook timeline.

Tiffany & Co.

The iconic jewellery brand was established back in 1837 and has a very illustrious history to shout about, however it has condensed more than 150 years of history into just nine posts.

Each update summarises a decade or longer and to be fair they generally look quite intriguing. However Tiffany’s could easily make more of its glamorous past and association with celebrity culture to create a really stand out timeline.


Another luxury brand with an underwhelming timeline, Coach has managed to dig up some great images from its 70 year history but they are few and far between.

The events it has mentioned are sometimes interesting and even reveal that the leather brand wasn’t above the occasional bad pun, however they generally just commemorate product launches or the appointment of senior staff members.


Nordstrom was established in Seattle back in 1901. However, its long and successful history has warranted just 10 posts.

One or two of the updates include fantastic old images showing how its stores used to look, but then a couple of them are simply text updates.

If Nordstrom could dig up a few more black and white photos then it could potentially create an excellent timeline.

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss was established on January 2 1924, however that’s the only snippet of information you can glean from its timeline as there are no other updates.

Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks first opened its doors in September 1924 and it has a very prestigious reputation, however it hasn’t really communicated it that well on Facebook.

The updates post-1950 are quite infrequent and are mainly just old adverts but the earlier posts are interesting milestones that feature wonderful old photos, and it would be great if Saks had shared a few more of these.

But as with most of the other brands on this list Saks has made a limited effort to populate its timeline, which suggests that social marketers are unconvinced that it’s really worth the time and effort to catalogue their brand’s historical milestones.