Rand at SEOmoz has published another fine article, this time on how to attract more traffic to your blog.

The article contains 21 tips, including ‘Choose the right blog software’, ‘Tag your content’, ‘Only one post in 20 can be linkbait’ and ‘Use a human voice’. Rand’s post is linkbait of the very best variety, since it is original, valuable content, so I’m linking to it.

What’s missing? Well, I’d probably add the de facto SEO stuff, though Rand probably assumes you’ve done the basics already.

Maybe directory submission is one area that’s worth a mention. In particular, take a peek at Robin Good’s uberlist of blog directories, to help you start building exposure / links.

Rather than submitting your blog and RSS feeds to these directories in one go you should consider a slower, more organic approach. A drip feed approach to link building is recommended.

I’d also be sure to add the obligatory buttons to the foot of your story, or the header, as some bloggers do. We’ve done this for delicious, digg and reddit. Others such as Newsvine may also appeal, but don’t overdo it…

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