We know the path to purchase is becoming increasingly fractured, with consumers jumping from online to offline and across a multitude of devices.

However, in order to improve this increasingly complex customer journey, it’s vital for marketing measurement to also evolve.

According to research by Google and Econsultancy, leading marketers are 75% more likely than the mainstream to have moved to a more holistic model of measurement in the last two years. What’s more, leading marketers are 83% more likely to than their peers to include cross-device data. 

Of course, the latter doesn’t just mean looking at what consumers are buying, but taking into consideration all moments that matter in order to gain a complete view of the consumer journey. And more importantly: using it to inform decision-making.

For further information on this, you can download Econsultancy’s Driving Growth with Measurement in a Mobile World report, published in association with Google. You can also check out more related stats in the Google infographic below.