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Deputy Insights Editor

Rebecca is an internet aficionado, technology enthusiast, and an ardent fact-checker. Her favourite topics to sound off on include voice search, SEO, emerging technology, digital transformation, UX, and ridiculously overhyped marketing trends.

 Away from the blog, she can mostly be found on Twitter.

Articles & briefings

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Will Search Generative Experience (SGE) really transform web search?

The date for a full roll-out of Google’s Search Generated Experience (SGE) is currently unknown. With the thorny issue of hallucinations and publishers potentially feeling alienated, not to mention generative AI not proving to be a major winner in search for rival Microsoft, what’s next for SGE?


Social Quarterly: Q1 2024

The latest trends, developments and statistics in social media. Stories this quarter include new ad partnerships between Amazon, Google and the social networks, the latest AI features from Meta and Snap, as well as the changing fortunes of TikTok and X.