Linux software maker Red Hat is quietly developing an open source portal that aggregates applications from mainstream sites such as Flickr and Rhapsody, reports

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The site, which has been operating on a limited user trial basis since May, aims to allow users to publish and share their blogs, music, photo collections and other media from a single location.

For example, it currently allows users to display their iTunes song history on their MySpace profile.

In its FAQ, the site says it “is intended to work with ‘social networking’ sites, not replace them,” although it does look like it will provide an alternative starting point for users of online media. It also says it won’t just be targeted at techies.

Being developed through an open source community project, the site says it works with “mainstream applications like iTunes, Rhapsody, Yahoo! Music Engine, Firefox and Internet Explorer and currently supports Windows XP and Linux platforms, with limited support for Apple’s OS X.”

The FAQ adds that it is currently developing a set of social networking features around TV and video.