We hope the tweaks we’ve made – a direct response to subscriber feedback – will make it easier to find the latest and most relevant content from our writers and researchers.

So, what’s changed?

Most notably, the Econsultancy homepage now includes more content, both above and below the fold. It’s got more of a publisher feel to it and we hope it will become a destination where our readers and subscribers can check in regularly to see what’s new – articles, briefings, reports, case studies and events. Very simply, here you’ll find the 10 or so hottest things for you right now. At time of writing the homepage features articles on how to make the most of Google Discover, Visa’s new fintech acquisition, and the impact of Safari ITP on attribution. Reports such as our new Marketer’s Guide to Augmented Reality and Digital Transformation: 2019 Year in Review are easy to find, too.

We’ll also be highlighting some of our most insightful authors and contributors, to reflect the strong Econsultancy community that has been thriving for more than 20 years.

To emphasise this new functionality, there’s now a ‘latest’ button in our header menu which will take you straight back to the homepage.

econsultancy homepage
Econsultancy’s new homepage and header menu


We have simplified the header menu, too, to make life easier for our visitors. You can still access our most popular topic pages to find the reports and content you need, and there are streamlined ‘best practice’ and ‘trends’ pages.

As you navigate the site, it’s clearer now which content is part of a subscription (look out for the new padlocks) and which content is free for everyone.

We’ve also put all of our online learning in one easy-to-find section titled EconLEARN. Here you’ll find all of our Fast Track online courses, skills assessments, microlearning, plus details about face-to-face and blended learning.

So, whether you’ve been subscribing for the last decade or you’re a new reader, we do hope the Econsultancy website will serve you well in 2020 and beyond.

If you’re a subscriber with a question, feel free to contact our team. Or if you’re new and want to know more about our offering, visit the subscribe page.