Reebok is to invite 1,000 fitness-based social media influencers to free training events as part of a campaign to promote its association with the CrossFit exercise trend.

CrossFit is a popular strength and conditioning programme in the US that Reebok has been associated with since 2010.

The top 100 most influential people as identified by PeerIndex’s PeerPerks service will also receive a free pair of Reebok’s RealFlex trainers, which is part of the brand’s global ‘The Sport of Fitness Has Arrived’ marketing campaign.

The PeerPerks campaign starts today, targeting social media users who are deemed to have relevant influence levels in sports, athletics and fitness.

After arriving at a PeerPerks hosted microsite, users sign in with either Twitter or Facebook to be told whether they’re influential enough to have won a free session. They can then book, and invite friends to join them.

Reebok hopes that discussion of the free events on social networks will drive traffic to this microsite, as well as generating positive brand association for Reebok with the CrossFit trend.

Digital marketing manager Mark Allin said that PeerPerks allows the company to better target influential fitness enthusiasts and help build Reebok’s online community.

We’re worked before with members of the CrossFit community, but this campaign is about attracting new people and raising awareness of Reebok’s affiliation with the programme.”

He said that ROI would be judged on driving people to the events, but also on the number of new followers and fans on its social media profiles.

We are aiming to add to our online community and develop more long term engagement with fitness enthusiasts. We are confident that the people we are targeting will talk about the events on social media so that puts the pressure on us to deliver a good experience.”

The CrossFit events will also act as a recruitment method for a new TV show Reebok is launching in partnership with Eurosport.

‘The Box’ starts this Saturday and will see competitors from the UK, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Russia and Sweden test their fitness in the Reebok-sponsored CrossFit Fitness Championships.

Allin said that the digital campaign is integral for attracting show competitors, increasing both awareness and coverage of the TV programmes.