The Future of Marketing

Econsultancy’s annual Future of Marketing report brings together survey results from more than 800 marketing professionals, covering marketing priorities for the next two years and the key trends shaping the industry, from data and privacy to generative AI.

Social Quarterly: Q3 2023

The latest trends, developments and statistics in social media. Stories this quarter include Twitter’s rebrand as ‘X’, new content formats from TikTok, Twitch and WhatsApp, and the latest generative AI developments across the platforms.

Quick Guide to Direct-to-Consumer (DTC)

This quick guide looks at the evolution of the direct-to-consumer (DTC) model and the opportunities for both startup and legacy brands. It provides frameworks, strategic considerations and guidance for traditional brands seeking new routes to market.

Customer Lifetime Value Best Practice Guide

Customer lifetime value is a powerful measure. Using CLV as a lens brings a company’s most valuable customers into focus and guides businesses to invest in the long-term. This best practice guide looks at the business benefits of using CLV to drive future growth, with practical guidance on strategy and approaching CLV calculations.

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Ecommerce Quarterly Q2 2023

A curation of the latest trends, developments and statistics in ecommerce, providing a snapshot of what is happening right now. This quarter’s edition includes growth and innovation in retail media, B2B brands adopting B2C strategies and cross-border commerce between France and China.