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Building a Digital Culture

1. Introduction Digital technologies have brought significant shifts in customer behaviour and competitive dynamics. This, in combination with the greater levels of unpredictability in customer, societal and market contexts as a result of the pandemic, mean that many businesses are facing unprecedented challenges. Thriving in this new environment requires an organisational culture that is both […]

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Quick Guide to Getting to Grips with Market Research and Insight

1. Introduction In an environment of rapidly changing customer behaviour, data- and insight-driven marketing and strategy have never been more important. This abridged version of Econsultancy’s Getting to Grips with Market Research and Insight Best Practice Guide serves as an introduction to the basics of marketing research and gives an overview of the main tools and […]

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Quick Guide to Digital Transformation and the Role of Data

1. Introduction Technological advancement, human ingenuity and data – lots of it – underpins digital transformation. But what data should marketers collect? And how should it be structured? This abridged version of Econsultancy’s Digital Transformation and the Role of Data Best Practice Guide aims to help marketers better understand data within the wider scope of […]

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Optimising Marketing Spend Best Practice Guide

1. Introduction Whether marketers are leading a startup, working in a sector where margins are thin or budgets are traditionally tight, or if a brand or business has had its budget revised or downgraded, they can apply the principles and strategies for managing limited budgets, which have a degree of universality. During the Covid-19 pandemic, […]

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Quick Guide to Learning from Digital Disruptors

1. Introduction Why is a disruptive strategy and culture increasingly valuable in an uncertain business climate? What can marketers learn from disruptive thinking and innovative techniques to help deliver their own objectives? This quick version of Econsultancy’s Learning from Digital Disruptors Best Practice Guide covers how disruptive businesses operate, their strategies for success, and their […]

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Social CX and Customer Service Best Practice Guide

1. Introduction The rise in both the number and popularity of social media channels in recent years has fuelled a parallel increase in customer expectations. The ‘always on’ nature of social media, coupled with its public forum nature, means consumers and audiences – in B2C and B2B spaces alike – expect to be able to […]