Quick Guide to Hiring for In-Demand Skills

With the digital marketing skillset expanding alongside evolving business and consumer needs, organisations face a ‘war on talent’ as demand outstrips supply. This quick guide looks at how businesses can optimise their recruitment process to attract and retain the right candidates.

Mini shopping basket on blue background with yellow circle. Top view

Ecommerce Quarterly: Q4 2022

A guide to the latest trends, developments and statistics in ecommerce, including new retail media partnerships, q-commerce consolidations and India’s ecommerce initiatives, providing a snapshot of what is happening right now in ecommerce and what you need to be aware of.

The Fundamentals of Digital Advertising

With the digital arena expanding to include apps, TVs, virtual worlds and even outdoor billboards, digital advertising has grown vastly in size and scope in recent years. This best practice guide looks at how marketers can successfully plan, create, execute and measure digital ad campaigns.