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Promotional banner for Singles Day, which reads: 11.11 is coming back! Annual lowest price!

What can we expect from Singles’ Day in 2018?

Singles’ Day (November 11th) is, by far, the world’s biggest one-day shopping event. While it is still largely focused on China, there are signs it is starting to have an influence on ecommerce globally.  Here’s what you need to know.

The week in digital transformation: Volkswagen joins the sharing economy & Coca-Cola transcends reality

Welcome to The Week in Digital Transformation, a regular round-up where we look back on the most interesting ideas, announcements and developments in the realm of digital transformation over the past week.

This week’s instalment is packed with big names, as Coca-Cola, Volkswagen and Manchester United are all doubling down on digital transformation in different ways. Coca-Cola wants to use AR to go beyond reality, Volkswagen is joining the sharing economy, and Man United has unveiled a gleaming new app and website as part of its broader transformation strategy.

Cartoons aren’t just for kids, they could help you break the Korean market

As I have discussed previously, South Korea offers an interesting proposition for global brands and marketers, with an incredibly high internet penetration rate, strong propensity to purchase and a mature ecommerce landscape.

Naver, which handles the vast majority of search queries in South Korea has several unique paid products for advertisers that are worth exploring in more detail.