New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand: Digital leaders or laggards?

Australia and New Zealand are well-known as leaders in digital.  

Companies such as Atlassian, Xero, Canva, and Vend are often included in the list of the world’s hottest online startups.

But how does this leadership carry over into marketing? Are companies in Australia and New Zealand also reallocating their media spend to digital?

Customer Experience (CX) maturity in Australia & New Zealand: New report

Customer Experience (CX) is one of the most frequently talked about topics in marketing these days.

The discussion revolves around how we, as marketers, can get a clearer view of how our customers are using our services and buying our products.  

This clearer view of the customer, in turn, helps us to improve our marketing in ways other than just increasing conversions. We can help provide a better overall customer experience.

Four reflections on New Zealand’s digital industry from an international traveller

Twelve months ago I handed in my notice at a UK digital marketing agency and packed my bags to explore the wider world in which we live.

After several months in Asia, touring temples and burning on beaches, I settled into a digital marketing role in Queenstown, New Zealand.

It was actually the appeal of a ski season that attracted me to this buzzing town, but I was fortunate enough to have a skill set that was useful to local businesses.

40+ useful statistics from Econsultancy’s Q2 reports

Econsultancy’s expert team of analysts have continued their sterling work this year, and to highlight some of their excellent research I’ve rounded up a load of interesting stats from our Q2 reports.

Yes, I am aware that Q2 ended more than a month ago, but the saying “better late than never” is my guiding principle with this post.

It includes data on customer lifetime value, mobile optimisation, paid search, big data, mobile commerce and the UK’s top digital agencies.

This by no means includes all of the reports published by Econsultancy this year, so head here to explore our full range.