The Cheat Code for Growth – How high performing companies engage marketing and design talent to accelerate growth

Foreword We recently partnered with Econsultancy, a leading global research organization, to find out what’s top of mind for today’s marketing leaders at high performing companies. We heard from 322 in total, and want to share their insights with you. Across all industries, these senior executives had something in common. They see the customer experience […]

Learning from a Crisis Best Practice Guide

1. Introduction The global coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has had an unprecedented impact, affecting almost every aspect of daily life. Measures taken to slow the spread of the virus around the world have brought with them remarkable economic losses. The full economic impact of the crisis is at this stage unknown, but projections of the cost […]

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Marketing

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Marketing

Foreword I’m writing this Foreword in April 2020. At the moment, that seems particularly pertinent, although, hopefully, in six months that will bear no relevance whatsoever and we’ll have moved on from this challenging situation. It’s worth taking a moment to reflect on the added importance this has placed on all of our digital channels […]

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Social Media Advertising Best Practice Guide

1. Introduction This guide has been written to complement Econsultancy’s Social Media Strategy Best Practice Guide, Social Media Platforms Overview, B2B Social Media Best Practice Guide and Paid Search Best Practice Guide. The purpose of this guide is to provide an overview of the opportunities, risks and the required investment of time, effort and budget […]

Marketers on the new normal: Sitecore CMO Paige O’Neill

We’ve spoken to many marketers about their new normal, but nobody from a big martech company yet. So, we decided to fix that and catch up with Paige O’Neill, Chief Marketing Officer at Sitecore, the web content management and digital experience platform. O’Neill discusses the great “digitization experiment” happening right now, as well as how […]

Setting Up Paid Search Best Practice Guide

1. Introduction A considerable amount of work should be assigned to the effective set up of paid search campaigns. Detailed keyword research and a well thought out account structure in place make ongoing optimisation, testing and analysis much more straightforward. Over the course of 2019, there were a number of developments across the paid search […]