Webinar: register for Digital Shift, 9am and 4pm GMT, 25th July 2024

The future of AI search / The latest from the martech landscape / AI in commerce

Join industry expert Neil Perkin as he highlights the latest key developments in digital marketing and ecommerce to help you improve business performance and stay ahead of the competition.

This edition of the digital shift webinar will cover:

  • The future of AI search: With Google launching AI overviews, and Google competitors including Bing and Perplexity also developing fast, what are the implications of the increasing integration of AI in search experience?
  • Marketing technology latest: What does the latest research into the marketing technology landscape reveal about the state of marketing?
  • AI in digital commerce: We take a look at the latest brand examples of applying AI in the digital commerce journey in ways that drive value and conversion.
  • Biosensing: With Apple filing some interesting new patents in this area, will biosensors play a role in the future of marketing?

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