When it comes to structuring and resourcing for social media, there is no one-size-fits-all. Different industries have different pain points and challenges, and are affected differently by how their customers use social media. As such, an organisation’s approach to social media, as well as its communication strategy, will depend strongly on its circumstances. This chapter considers the different ways businesses can reach their followers on social media as well as points to keep in mind when communicating with a global audience. It covers:

  • How to connect with social media users: There is a range of ways businesses can reach their audience, stakeholders, publics and customers on social media. What do these look like and which work best for different kinds of businesses?
  • Integrating customer service and customer experience with social: Aligning customer enquiries and servicing on social media platforms is important. Which companies are doing it best, and what can be learned from them?
  • Taking a global or local approach: An organisation can choose between managing a centralised global presence, a set of diverse local presences on social, or a blend of the two. What does each of these approaches look like, and what are the pros and cons of each?