With customer journey mapping, marketers can see the whole customer experience, letting them identify key business drivers.

This chapter brings together expertise from senior marketers to outline the first practical steps for businesses embarking on customer journey mapping projects. At this planning stage, marketers must make a series of decisions, including agreeing scope, deliverables and objectives, to ensure that everyone is on the same page. The chapter, which also includes templates to allow for a quick start, covers:

  • Setting objectives: Any project must start with clear objectives and responsibilities. This chapter provides a template and suggests a framework to support decision making at this step.
  • Customer personas: Personas provide the foundation of customer journey mapping. What is the best approach to creating customer personas that accurately reflect the people the business wants to reach?
  • Map layers: Customer journey maps have a unique set of layers, depending on the organisation, sector, type of customer and much more. Which layers are most appropriate for particular business objectives?

What other key steps must businesses take to get started in their customer journey mapping projects?