Customer journey mapping gives marketers a view of the entire customer experience. To ensure sucess, there are key steps marketers can follow when embarking on a customer journey mapping project.

As is often this case when implementing a new marketing strategy, buy-in is key, not only from senior leadership and stakeholders, but from the business as a whole. Understanding how long a project will take is also important – results are never going to be achieved overnight. The chapter covers:

  • Getting senior buy-in: Customer journey maps that are championed from the top down have the potential to bring teams closer, reduce operational silos and boost efficiency.
  • Setting goals: For a customer journey mapping project to succeed, its goals must be easily understood, tying in with the organisation’s objectives.
  • Securing the right data: Having the right data is essential in customer journey mapping. What data sources are companies using to build up a picture of their customers?

What other elements are needed for customer journey mapping success?