Brands have the opportunity to meaningfully connect with audiences on social platforms beyond Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Networks such as Twitch, Reddit and Guild offer smaller, though potentially more engaged audiences with more niche interests, presenting the opportunity for the right brands to make an even greater impression. This chapter looks at some of the social networks to watch, as well as the opportunities and challenges they present. It covers:

  • Case studies: Businesses including Netflix, PlayStation, Pringles and Samsung have worked with Reddit in the UK. How have companies such as these built campaigns on the platform?
  • Sensitive marketing in smaller communities: Some platforms, like Reddit, thrive on a sense of community and so brands must enter these spaces with caution. What is best practice for brand building in spaces such as these?
  • Experimentation: New social media platforms present brands an opportunity to experiment with creative ways to reach and engage audiences. How can brands use audio in their content marketing?