A Guide to Customer Experience Management covers the practical steps organisations can take to make themselves more customer-centric. It also highlights how to implement data-led strategies that will help businesses understand their customers, and ultimately, enable them to create better experiences. Additionally, it covers how to overcome the challenges associated with a data-led business strategy.

The report draws upon survey findings, interviews and exclusive content from Econsultancy’s resources. It covers:

  • What customer experience management is and how it takes customer experience further
  • Where to find the best sources of data and insights for getting to know your customer
  • Where responsibility for customer experience management should fall
  • How to draw meaningful insights from your customer data and research
  • Actions to creating a customer-centric organisation


Econsultancy would like to thank the following experts who contributed to this report:


  • Alex Barker, Head of User Experience, Edo
  • Paul Boag, User Experience Consultant and expert in digital transformation
  • Claire Cardosi, Head of Customer Experience Management at Virgin Trains East Coast
  • Jon Davie, Chief Client Officer, Zone, a Cognizant Digital Business
  • Jacob de Lichtenberg, Consumer Product Manager, Trustpilot
  • Avis Easteal, Regional Head – Consumer, Luxasia
  • Matt Lacey, Performance Director, Code Computerlove
  • Marc McNeill, Customer Experience and Operations Director, Auto Trader
  • Rebecca Mears, Community Lead, Cookpad
  • Nicola Millard, Customer Insights and Futures, BT
  • Vittoria O’Connor, APAC Customer Loyalty and Digital Director, The Body Shop
  • Philip Pantelides, Head of Product, Community and Communication, Cookpad
  • Azlan Raj, VP, Customer Experience – EMEA, Merkle
  • Jon Warden, Head of Product and User Experience, Haymarket
  • Lisa Wood, Chief Marketing Officer, Atom Bank
  • A marketing manager in financial services