This report demystifies the GDPR for marketers, analyses the findings from Econsultancy’s ‘Marketers and the GDPR: Are you ready?’ survey and provides a clear action plan for marketing teams looking to become GDPR compliant.

It is critical that marketers understand how the GDPR affects them directly, navigating the key risks, benefits and changes to workflow. Businesses that have not done so already will need to undergo complete self-assessment.

Many of the GDPR’s main principles are similar to the those in the current Data Protection Act, which is based on an EU directive, so businesses complying properly with the current law will find that most of their approach to compliance remains valid under the GDPR and can be a useful starting point to build from.

However, there are a number of new concepts and developments that organisations will have to consider for the first time, which are detailed in the report.

The report sets out to:

  • Highlight research findings from Econsultancy’s ‘Marketers and the GDPR: Are you Ready?’ survey
  • Present the views and insights about the GDPR from a range of Data Protection Officers, consultants, trainers, trade bodies and policy and compliance experts
  • Offer actionable insights and guidance to ensure your marketing practices comply with the new rules set out by the regulation and to prepare you on your journey to compliance
  • Answer common questions and clarify misconceptions about the GDPR.

Econsultancy would like to thank the following people in particular for their contributions to this report:

  • Catherine Armitage, Senior Manager Public Affairs, Digital Governance Exchange at World Federation of Advertisers (WFA)
  • Duncan Smith, Econsultancy trainer and Director of iCompli Limited
  • Hellen Beveridge, Privacy Lead at Data Oversight
  • Micky Khanna, Founder of Prosults Ltd and
  • Richard Merrygold, Director of Group Data Protection, HomeServe
  • Ruben Schreurs, Managing Partner at Digital Decisions
  • Tim Roe, Deliverability and Compliance Director, RedEye International Ltd
  • Yves Schwartzbart, Head of Policy and Ad Tech, IAB UK
  • Anonymous Data Protection Officer at an insurance company