The boundaries between what we have known as ‘reality’ and ‘virtual reality’ are rapidly collapsing. An experience online is as meaningful to many as an experience in the physical world. And both can interact with each other.

Virtual reality allows people to experience a brand’s offering in a real and visceral way that other media cannot equal. It can transport people to a stadium, a holiday destination or a shop. It can do this with animation or real video. It can even do this in real time with live streaming. The possibilities for selling experiences, educating and entertainment are endless.

The Marketer’s Guide to Virtual Reality attempts to demystify the world of virtual reality and explain how it can form part of your marketing ecosystem.

The report includes the best case studies from across sectors and explains how marketers can utilise virtual reality right now as part of brand strategy.

What you’ll learn

  • Understanding virtual reality and how it fits in with the trend towards the breaking down of barriers between online and physical worlds.
  • Case studies on how brands are using virtual reality.
  • The breadth of opportunity afforded by virtual reality from brand extension, to content to advertising.
  • Important considerations for planning a virtual reality strategy.
  • Important considerations when contemplating creating a virtual reality experience.
  • A guide to the platforms and headsets.
  • Ways to approach virtual reality creation, generate ideas and find inspiration.
  • How to measure success.

Who should read this report?

This guide has been written primarily for C-suite and marketers but is equally relevant for those working in advertising.