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Achieving Digital Balance

By Stefan Tornquist,

Achieving Digital Balance - Best Practices for Mastering Digital Strategy and Budgets


Digital marketing has sparked a pace of change that often leaves marketers behind the curve in calibrating budgets and strategies. The Digital Balance report focuses on five key areas of tension for marketers, providing best practice and contextual market data.

This interview and survey-based research brought together marketers in mid-sized and large organizations to identify and address a range of issues: 

  • Common opportunities and challenges faced by managers responsible for integrating digital into their marketing and business operations.
  • Different strategies and best practice approaches to meet the challenges and optimize for the opportunities.
  • Practical solutions and methodologies for minimizing risk and maximizing the advantage of digital advances.
  • Market data to put these challenges and opportunties in a industry-wide context

About this guide

This report, which is based on a survey of more than 100 senior digital marketers, and 50 in-depth interviews, is a follow-up to the Managing Digital Channels Best Practice Guide, broadening the focus to include specific recommendations by channel and tactic.

The report explores five key areas of digital marketing;

  1. Marketing strategy and its practical application
  2. Digital budgeting overview and budgeting by channel
  3. Retention marketing and its application to long-term acquisition
  4. Experimentation with new digital channels
  5. Optimizing internal and external teams for digital 

Who this guide is for

This is primarily a report by client-side marketers for client-side marketers, specifically at medium sized and large organizations. However, many findings and takeaways apply across company size and target markets.

This report will help digital marketing specialists assess their organization’s balance and priorities in key areas, as well as provide best practice recommendations to help them refine their approach.

Digital Balance is also intended to inform non-digital marketing specialists such as senior managers who must understand the management issues and success factors involved in successfully integrating digital into an organization.

In addition, the report will help agencies understand their clients' challenges and thought processes and assist them as they design future services and refine their current ones.


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