Many companies are accelerating their omnichannel efforts in the wake of the seismic changes brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic and evolving customer behaviour, but there are challenges to overcome. Omnichannel is now an expectation, and the boundaries between online and physical shopping are swiftly being erased.

This best practice guide explores how businesses can move further along the omnichannel journey to achieve true excellence in this key area. It covers:

  • Making the case: What are some of the main benefits for businesses considering the move to omnichannel?
  • Success factors: What are the key enablers and barriers to an effective omnichannel strategy, and how have other businesses overcome obstacles to achieve success?
  • Integrating data: How can businesses track customers across multiple touchpoints to gain a complete picture of behaviour and performance, and why is this single customer view so critical?
  • The role of technology: From digitally powered in-store experiences to contactless shopping and livestreaming, what are some of the ways in which technology can bridge the gap between physical and digital retail?
  • Driving customer engagement: How can companies providing a positive omnichannel experience shape their strategies to drive customer loyalty and retention?