Adidas: New rules of social engagement is part of a series of brand strategy briefings examining the marketing strategies and tactics of the most popular and searched-for brands. As part of this series, Econsultancy curates a selection of brand case studies and stories to help you improve your modern marketing efforts.

Adidas understands the need for existing and new customers to have meaningful experiences, whether they are coming to the brand from a fashion perspective or with a more serious interest in health and fitness. To engage these different types of digitally agile customers, adidas crafts social campaigns both across visible platforms and dark networks, which we consider in this Brand Strategy Briefing.

What you’ll learn

  • Insight from adidas’ VP of Digital Strategy and Delivery, Joseph Godsey, on how the brand is creating valuable customer experiences via social
  • Adidas’ recent activity using dark social
  • How the brand is combining chatbot technology with Facebook Messenger to engage consumers
  • Specific social media wins from the adidas Originals team