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Affiliate Marketing Buyer's Guide

By Econsultancy,


Author: Aliya Zaidi, Linus Gregoriadis, Econsultancy

Pages: 140 pages
Structure: Market trends and issues, 18 network and agency profiles  

About this Guide

This buyer's guide is aimed at those who are investigating the affiliate marketing (or performance marketing) sector, with profiles of 18 leading networks and agencies. The 140-page guide provides details on the issues and trends affecting this £4.6 billion sector, as well as information about best practice and tips for choosing a suitable supplier.


This buyer's guide contains a thorough examination of the UK affiliate marketing sector, beginning with a section which outlines the benefits of affiliate marketing and describes different types of affiliate publisher.   

As well as profiles of the leading UK affiliate marketing networks and agencies, the report also contains a market valuation, coverage of market trends and issues.

The guide includes tips for those seeking a network or an agency, as well as a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunites and threats) analysis of the sector.

Trends in this sector include:

  • Affiliate marketing prospers in difficult economic climate
  • Transparency holds key to enhancing industry reputation
  • Consumers turn to voucher-code and cash-back websites
  • Case for multi-attribution model gains momentum
  • Emerging channels drive affiliate marketing innovation

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Executive Summary
  3. The Market
    1. Focus of Report and Market Definition
      1. Terminology and key stakeholders
      2. Affiliate marketing networks: benefit for merchants
      3. Affiliate marketing networks: benefit for affiliates
      4. Affiliate marketing agencies: overall benefits
    2. Market Value and Growth
      1. Commission to networks and affiliates
      2. Mixed fortunes for networks as markets consolidates
    3. Market Trends
      1. Affiliate marketing prospers in difficult economic climate
      2. Transparency holds key to enhancing industry reputation
      3. Consumers turn to voucher-code and cash-back websites
      4. Case for multi-attribution model gains momentum
      5. Emerging channels drive affiliate marketing innovation
    4. Return on Investment (ROI)
    5. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats (SWOT)
  4. Costs and Pricing Models
    1. Introduction: network charges
    2. Over-ride charges
    3. Set-up/technical integration costs
    4. Monthly management charges
    5. Agency charges and costs
  5. Tips and Pitfalls
    1. Introduction: Finding the right network
      1. Can affiliate marketing help you to meet your sales and marketing objectives?
      2. Do you require an affiliate network (or networks) to help you?
      3. Which network will provide the best fit for your affiliate needs?
      4. What services does the network provide?
      5. What technology does the network use?
      6. How can you integrate affiliate marketing within your overall marketing strategy?
      7. Is your organisation committed to affiliate marketing?
    2. Introduction: Finding the right agency
      1. Do you need an agency?
      2. What is the agency’s track record on affiliate marketing?
      3. Do they understand your business?
      4. Can you afford the cost?
      5. What’s their relationship with the networks & affiliates?
      6. How will they keep you in the loop?
  6. Network Market Positioning Charts
  7. Network Matrix
  8. Network Profiles
  9. Agency Profiles
The report contains profiles of the following affiliate networks:

Affilinet, Commission Junction, Digital Window, LinkShare, Online Media Group (OMG), Paid On Results, TradeDoubler, Webgains

The agencies profiled are:

7thingsmedia, Affiliate Program Advice, Altogether Digital, Azam Marketing, bigmouthmedia, Existem Affiliate Management, Media Contacts, R.O.EYE, Stream: 20, ZenithOptimedia

Who is This Guide For?

It is primarily aimed at companies who are investigating the market, or are looking for an affiliate marketing supplier, or reviewing their existing capability. It is also relevant for others, including vendors and analysts, who want to research this market.

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