AI, machine learning and predictive analytics are becoming increasingly embedded in the marketing practice, and the opportunities they present continue to multiply.

Therefore, it is imperative that marketers understand how to leverage these technologies to derive value from their data, and gain a competitive edge.

Econsultancy’s AI, Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics Best Practice Guide provides marketers with a practical and useful guide that comprehensively covers the key areas involved in the application of AI/ML and predictive analytics – the practice of applying machine learning or statistics to past data to predict the future – to augment marketing practice and enhance customer experience.

The report covers:

  • How to apply automation and AI effectively by balancing the complexity of decision making with the degree of business risk
  • The relationship between data, information, knowledge and actionable insights, including how to align AI with the business
  • The key steps marketers need to take before applying machine learning and predictive analytics
  • How to apply AI across the customer lifecycle, including how to apply machine learning to segmentation
  • How to avoid unintended side effects when deploying machine learning.