AI, machine learning and predictive analytics are becoming increasingly embedded in the marketing practice, and the opportunities they present continue to multiply. Therefore, it is imperative that marketers understand how to leverage these technologies to derive value from their data, and gain a competitive edge.

This webinar draws on Econsultancy’s new report on best practice in AI, Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics covering the following:

  • Developing a common language: this webinar sets out key definitions for understanding AI, predictive analytics, and the different types of machine learning, and how they may be applied to serve marketing objectives.
  • Creating a robust strategy: featuring best practices in the development of strategy and key areas of application including customer insight and segmentation, content optimisation and personalisation, programmatic buying and targeting, propensity modelling, pricing strategy, automation and measurement.
  • Optimising application: How can marketers pick the right approach and make smart decisions around how to maximise the benefits of these new technologies and approaches? What are the optimal skills, resourcing and processes involved?
  • The Future of AI: Where will AI go from here, and how can marketers take action now to set themselves up for a future with AI at its heart?