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Australia: Digital Landscape Briefing

By Econsultancy,

This 12-page briefing, sponsored by Macquarie Telecom, is free to registered users. 

Inside, it contains the latest market trends, developments, issues, statistics and useful resources relating to the digital marketing and ecommerce landscape in Australia. 

This trends briefing is for anyone involved in online marketing or ecommerce, from client-side brands, through to agencies and technology providers.

Trends covered within this briefing include:

  • Digital becomes a growing priority for marketers
  • A digital skills gap is visible, but is being addressed
  • Consumer online spend and engagement continue to rise
  • Click Frenzy acts as a catalyst for change
  • Technology underpins digital, for both marketers and consumers
  • Marketers are still struggling to get senior buy-in

The information contained within this briefing is collated from a range of sources including:

  • Econsultancy conferences, supplier showcases and roundtables
  • Third party events, including Macquarie Telecom Digital Advisory Board meetings
  • Research carried out by Econsultancy and other organisations

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