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B2B Digital Marketing Briefing: Key Takeaways from FUNNEL 2012

By Econsultancy,

About this report

Econsultancy's B2B Digital Marketing Briefing focuses on key trends, challenges and best practices for B2B digital marketers. Based on the presentations given at Econsultancy's FUNNEL 2012 event held in London in November 2012, the guide includes thoughts and insights shared that day, case studies illustrating best practice and contributions from B2B marketing experts.

The report is structured around FUNNEL's four tracks:

  • Plan: strategy, planning, cultural and organisational change, team structures and accountability.
  • Attract: demand generation tactics including email, search, content marketing, social, prospecting, lists, data management and channel marketing.
  • Engage: developing stronger relationships with prospects until they are sales-ready.
  • Align: how to effectively use CRM, campaign management, revenue performance management and customer lifecycle marketing.


Based on presentations by: Alastair Brown (Rackspace), Andrew Freeman (CRM Technologies), Ben Chamlet (Silverpop), Brendan Dineen (IBM), Craig Johnston (Standard Life), David Dorling (Swiss Post Solutions),  Elizabeth Smyth (Marketo), Heidi Melin (Eloqua), Ian Harris (Search Laboratory), Jurgen Heyman (SPI), Kieran Flanagan (Marketo), Linus Gregoriadis (Econsultancy), Lisa Hutt (Concur Technologies), Lucy Dawson (Lloyd’s of London), Parry Malm (Adestra), Paul Lee (Eloqua), Simon Knight (D&B), Stan Woods (Velocity Partners), Tim Langley (CANNDi)

The original FUNNEL presentations are also available for download.

Additional contributions from: Adam Sharp (CleverTouch), Bob Apollo (Inflexion-Point), Catherine Toole (Sticky Content), Daniel Rowles (, Doug Kessler (Velocity Partners), James Gurd (Digital Juggler), Parry Malm (Adestra), Steven Elliott (MarketOne International)

Pages: 47 pages

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
    1. About Econsultancy
  2. Plan
    1. Initiating and managing cultural change in the new world of B2B
      1. Case study: how Swiss Post Solutions justified investment with the executive board
    2. Importance of setting common goals and objectives
    3. Planning and mapping out the funnel
    4. Finding the right automation partner
    5. Personalisation - ‘One size does not fit all’
  3. Align
    1. “The language of misalignment”: why is alignment important and what does it entail?
    2. “Sales cycles don’t get shorter, you just get invited later”
    3. Don’t neglect the middle of the funnel
    4. Use internal collaboration tools to share prospect insight and accelerate deal velocity
  4. Attract
    1. Get to know your audience
    2. Learn who your influencers are
    3. What are your buyers interested in reading?
    4. What is a lead and what do you do with one?
    5. Why lead nurturing is like snakes and ladders…
      1. Case study: how Silverpop doubled conversion rate in 12 months
      2. Case study: how McAfee structured its lead nurturing programme
  5. Engage
    1. Why is social important?
    2. The value of social media
    3. Laying the ground to becoming a social organisation
      1. Case study: how Standard Life built a model for LinkedIn groups with its private financial adviser group
      2. Case study: how Lloyd’s of London used Instagram to create user-generated content
    4. Why is content important for B2B companies?
    5. The mistakes B2B marketers make with content
    6. Developing a content strategy for B2B marketers
    7. Creating content for B2B sites
      1. Case study: how Canonical generated 70x the number of leads through targeted content and marketing automation
    8. Build and improve assets
    9. Serving content to your prospects

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