As the push towards digital takes hold across the broader business landscape, B2B businesses must respond to an increased demand for ecommerce and a growing preference for self-service transactions, accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

This report explores the drivers of successful digital transformation and provides marketers with best practice guidance on navigating the strategic and operational challenges involved. It covers:

  • Digital drivers: What are the main factors powering the thrust towards digital for B2B businesses, and how are these impacting customer expectations?
  • Customer focus: What core strategic criteria should B2B businesses consider when moving towards a customer-centric approach, and how are B2B and B2C experiences converging?
  • Omnichannel selling: What does a hybrid sales model look like, and how can the human touch be brought into the digital experience?
  • Technology: What tools are available for improving the customer journey and supporting pre-sales queries and post-purchase aftercare?
  • Content: Why is content critical for B2B businesses and how can data be used to personalise the customer experience?
  • Strategic pillars: How do the seven strategic pillars of digital transformation lay the groundwork for the move to digital and how can they be applied in the B2B context?