The B2B Digital Transformation: Leading brands share their insights report aims to explore the challenges B2B companies are facing as they drive forward digital transformation in their own organisations and highlights a number of different approaches these companies are taking.


We carried out a series of in-depth interviews with senior executives from B2B companies and agencies to understand how companies in this sector are responding to different opportunities and challenges.

Companies interviewed include: Arkadin Cloud Communications, Work with Agility, Atos, British Gas, Fuji Xeorx, IBM, Ogilvy APAC, OppenheimerFunds, Oracle Marketing Cloud, Salesforce, Slater and Gordon Lawyers and Velocity Partners.

We also looked at sector-specific data from our 2017 Digital Trends in B2B report.

What you’ll learn

Digital transformation is not only redefining how businesses connect with customers, it’s redefining business models, the way they deliver value and how they make money. With more and more services being mediated through technology, and an increasing share of revenue being made online, there is little doubt that B2B organisations need to embrace digital transformation and give it strategic importance.

You will learn:

  • How the focus on digital is changing within B2B companies.
  • Making the customer experience matter is a major focus for B2B companies.
  • Driving insights is a priority, with the future of marketing considered to be around data.
  • Driving a cultural change that supports digital transformation is essential.

You’ll discover:

  • How digital priorities are rising higher on the agenda as companies encourage a move towards thinking digital first and creating journey-based experiences.
  • How companies are focusing on putting the customer at the heart of everything and identifying how to enhance the experience and develop a deeper understanding of the customer decision journey.
  • The ways in which B2B companies are moving towards a more data-driven approach, focusing on insights to support the buyer journey.
  • The ways in which companies are driving a cultural change that supports digital transformation and a continuous change type of culture.
  • How companies are adopting new ways of working and working towards digital first.
  • A greater push for alignment and collaboration between marketing and sales.
  • Key ingredients to drive success highlighted by those interviewed.

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