This guide, which has been tailored to B2B marketers, provides a framework for developing a social media strategy, summarising the main considerations when developing a strategic approach to social media marketing and communications.

This is the sister report to the Social Media Strategy Best Practice Guide. If you work in a consumer business, we recommend reading the Social Media Strategy Best Practice Guide, which offers targeted advice and relevant examples for B2Cs.

The challenges for B2Bs are unique: longer sales cycles, more decision makers, and more complex products and services. The B2B Social Media Strategy Best Practice Guide covers the fundamentals of social media, provides models for developing a B2B social strategy, and explains how B2B companies can harness the potential of social to win new leads and expand their audience. It also covers:

  • The role of social selling, the practice of using social media platforms to find and engage with new prospects, in B2B marketing
  • How to align social media with a content strategy, including defining where social should sit on the B2B customer journey
  • How to choose the right channels based on objective, resource levels and commitment to engagement
  • A guide to maintaining brand reputation and managing risk, as issues can arise and rapidly evolve on social media
  • How to measure the impact of a B2B social strategy, including approaches to dark social (activity associated with brand mentions or traffic from social media that is not attributable to a known source).