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Customer Relationship Management in the Social Age: A Best Practice Guide

The Customer Relationship Management in the Social Age Best Practice Guide, written by experienced eCRM and social CRM strategist Andrew Campbell, aims to help CMOs develop a future-proofed eCRM strategy, which will involve combining the best of traditional eCRM practices, tools and techniques with the rapidly emerging capabilities of social CRM.

Best Practice Guides

The Sales Organization of the Future

The Sales Organization of the Future Report, free to registered Econsultancy users, outlines how the confluence of economic pressures, the mainstreaming of social media, mobile technology and a general need to refocus on the customer will radically change the sales landscape over the next 10 years. The 14-page report explores how a value-added services company can maintain an effective and efficient salesforce, using the right technologies to allow them to influence their customers.

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Best Practices in Data Management

The Data Management Best Practice Guide is aimed at marketers, executive management and agencies that work with data and aspire to. This 70-page report thoroughly explores the strategic and everyday issues and opportunities presented by the explosion of customer and behavioral data and the explosion of tools and services designed to leverage it. 

Best Practice Guides

Conversion Maximization - The Essential Workflow

Arguing that marketers need to fundamentally shift their approach to conversion optimization, this report explores the importance of up front thinking around the value exchange, conversion barriers and conversion drivers before focusing the on the tactics that result in conversion maximization. The author, Boris Grinkot is a long time practitioner and thought leader in conversion rate optimization, and a winner of a 2012 Digital Vision Grant to produce this report.

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Increased ROI - A Statistical Examination of Ad Optimization

Digital marketing has it over traditional advertising in lots of ways, but perhaps no advantage stands out more than the sheer amount of data marketers can glean from their campaigns. Information in hand, they can test concepts, placements, and deliveries within a campaign in multiple ways, and when the results come back, they can optimize the ad with the simple reallocation of a specific creative element.

But is display ad optimization worth the time and trouble? Increased ROI - A Statistical Examination of Ad Optimization suggests there is, at least beyond a certain volume level...

Best Practice Guides

How the Internet Can Save the High Street

Econsultancy's How the Internet Can Save the High Street report contains more than 60 recommendations for retailers who want to succeed in a digital age, covering topics including in-store wi-fi, 'reserve and collect', in-store kiosks and 'pop-up shops'. The report includes insights from experts and examples of companies which have embraced digital and reaped the rewards. 

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The Presentation Style of Web Analytics Data and Decision-Making

This report written by Econsultancy MSc Digital Marketing Communications graduate Mark McGee is based on the findings from his dissertation titled 'The Presentation Style of Web Analytics Data and Decision-Making'. The report tests the hypothesis that an infoposter (infographic) would have a detrimental effect on decision-making ability and quality. The findings of the research implied that there was no discernible difference in the ability of digital marketing professionals to make a decision using either raw data in a tabular format or as an infoposter.

Best Practice Guides

Facebook Pages for Business Best Practice Guide

Econsultancy's Facebook Pages for Business Best Practice Guide has been produced specifically with the aim of helping organizations and brands design and implement their Facebook pages for maximum effect, no matter what the objective.

This 100+ page document contains sections ranging from building an internal business case for a Facebook presence through to understanding internal strategy and moderation.

The guide also contains a comprehensive, 50-point checklist of best practice issues and their associated success factors that you'll need for your Facebook activity.

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The EU Cookie Law: A guide to compliance

How to ensure that your website complies with the EU e-Privacy Directive

The EU Cookie Law report looks into the legal changes as they affect online businesses in the UK, the potential threats to online business models and the steps that companies could be taking now to demonstrate compliance with the EU ePrivacy Directive.

This guide explains the legislation as far as it affects UK online businesses, sets out some practical steps that you can take towards compliance, as well as showing some practical examples of how websites can gain users’ consent for setting cookies.

Best Practice Guides

Best Practices in Digital Display Advertising

Best Practices in Digital Display Advertising: How to make a complex ecosystem work efficiently for your organization is a comprehensive overview of display media advertising. Tailored to marketers who are attempting both branding and direct response, topics covered include emergent technology, key changes, and guidance on how to discover, buy, serve, and measure digital display media advertisements.