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Beyond the Sale: An Owned Media Approach to Customer Experience

By Brian Clark,

This report is part of the Masters of CX bundle.



This is the fifth report in our ‘Masters of CX’ series. Written by the founder and CEO of Copyblogger Media, Brian Clark, Beyond the Sale: An Owned Media Approach to Customer Experience sets out why an understanding of the customer journey is critical.

The prospective buyer is going on a journey of their own making and smart marketers play the role of mentor. Savvy marketers know that the Internet puts prospects in control. They help their customers with engaging information and ultimately become the only logical choice.

What you'll learn from this report

The buyer is the hero and your product or service the solution, but the journey doesn’t stop at the sale. In fact, it’s just beginning. So why do so many content marketing programs grind to a halt at the point of initial transaction and leave the relationship in limbo?

Up-selling and cross-selling can seem necessary evils hurled at the customer in the name of profit, but that’s the wrong perspective. The customer’s journey continues on to further desire fulfillment or problem resolution, so the role as mentor continues – a situation that enables long-term buying patterns and heightened brand advocacy.

Brian Clark explains how Luke Skywalker is a model of a prototypical modern prospect, and how Star Wars can inform your strategy. You’ll also discover how the history of the “high five” reveals a tactical content marketing approach that extends customer success forward for the ultimate win-win.

Features of the report

This report discusses how a well-executed content strategy the solution to showing up earlier in the buyer’s journey to acquire more customers, while also maintaining a successful experience throughout the entire customer lifecycle. The sales funnel is problematic because it considers only one point of conversion – the transaction. After that, marketing’s job is done.

Brian Clark maintains that for marketers to understand the journey from the customer's perspective, they just have to: 

  • Deliver useful content that creates new experiential touch points
  • Discover the customer journey and become the mentor
  • Put yourself in their shoes and walk the path

About the author

Brian Clark

Brian Clark is a serial entrepreneur based in Boulder, Colorado. He’s the founder and CEO of Copyblogger Media, and the host of the New Rainmaker podcast.

About the series

The Masters of CX is a series of briefings from industry heavyweights on the new keys to outstanding customer experience.

We’re delighted to be working with some of the most influential authors within digital marketing: Jay Baer, Brian Clark, Mitch Joel, Lee Odden, Ted Rubin and Mark Schaefer.

Econsultancy will be releasing these unique reports over the coming months, along with dedicated webinar sessions where you can gain insight from the authors on the key issues raised.

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Join best-selling author Jay Baer, and Econsultancy's Vice President of Research, Stefan Tornquist, for two webinars from the authors of the series.

These one-hour sessions will bring together the renowned authors of the six reports to discuss the themes, issues and opportunities brought up in their work.

With an emphasis on questions from the audience, these web events will cover new ground and new examples of great, innovative customer service, customer experience and customer insight.

  • Webinar one (November 5), featuring Lee Odden and Ted Rubin - Watch now
  • Webinar two (December 10), featuring Brian Clark, Mitch Joel and Mark Schaefer - Watch now


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