This report focuses on the importance of localisation in bringing successful commercial growth with insights of eight leading marketers from global brands, for whom localisation is a priority.

This report covers:

  • Why there is a world of difference between simple translation and brand localisation.
  • What a localised company culture looks like to build success for the future.
  • Where outsourcing localisation efforts can accelerate growth, particularly in markets that are culturally far removed from the company’s home territory.
  • How automation and human resource must necessarily work together to build an efficient but authentic localisation experience.


Econsultancy would like to thank the following interviewees who contributed to this report:

  • Ralph Aoun, Global Marketing Manager, Facebook
  • Dan Baker, General Manager, EMEA,
  • Jamie Brown, Head of Language Development & Localisation, what3words
  • Anais Harmant, Head of Brand, Communications & Media, Mano Mano
  • Mark Henry, Director of Central Marketing, Tourism Ireland
  • Oliver Kern, Chief Commercial Officer, Lockwood Publishing (Avakin Life)
  • Karen Mullins, Senior Director Audience Marketing, Expedia Group
  • Natalie Wills, Global Director – Marketing, Zalando