With digital technologies enabling significant shifts in customer behaviour and competitive dynamics, and the pandemic bringing greater levels of unpredictability, many businesses are facing unprecedented changes. In order to thrive, businesses must nurture organisational cultures that are both customer centric and digital-native.

A digital culture can be defined as the shared values, principles, expectations and assumptions that guide collective employee perceptions, understanding and  behaviours to deliver optimal outcomes and experience in a digital-empowered world.

This report, written by consultant and speaker Neil Perkin, provides marketers, HR professionals and other leaders with pragmatic advice about how to apply, support and promote a digital culture within teams and organisations, in order to enable greater agility and improved customer experience. It covers:

  • The values and behaviours that support digital culture, including the importance of mindset
  • How to determine the dominant culture within the organisation, and reveal potential friction points to address
  • The attributes of an effective digital culture, including customer centricity, transparency and curiosity, and how to bring them to life
  • How leaders can empower good levels of autonomy and alignment to derive maximum value
  • Models, case studies and practical activities to help apply the findings of the report to your organisation.