This Econsultancy report on building and growing an ecommerce team focuses on the challenges facing ecommerce managers as the digital channel grows and diversifies. It is aimed at client-side ecommerce practitioners who have a hands-on role in managing and growing the ecommerce channel.

The report is written based on the experience and recommendations of seasoned ecommerce professionals. The report provides:

  • An objective evaluation of the key challenges that ecommerce managers face when growing their team.
  • A framework for understanding these challenges and the implications for your business.
  • Guidance on making commercial decisions.
  • The direct experience of senior ecommerce and digital marketing professionals including:
    • Martin Newman, CEO, Practicology
    • Ian Jindal, Founder & Editor in Chief,
    • Steve Borges, Co-founder, Biglight
    • Will Dymott, Multichannel Ecommerce Specialist
    • Jonathan Hall, Founder, Cranberry Panda
    • Matthew Curry, Head of Ecommerce, LH Group
    • Maria Morais, Digital Commerce Consultant, Neoworks
    • Mike Upton, Ecommerce Manager, DT Automotive Ltd
    • Jay Swanborough, Ecommerce Consultant

You will come away from reading this report with the following knowledge:

  • The skills required to manage ecommerce teams.
  • How you identify the relevant skills to add as the business grows.
  • How you integrate these new skills into the existing environment.
  • How you effectively manage a growing team.
  • The organisational structures available for managing an ecommerce team.
  • The options available for identifying and recruiting the best talent.
  • How changing market conditions are impacting the demands on ecommerce teams.

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
    1. About Econsultancy
    2. About the author
  2. About this guide
    1. Market context for this report
    2. Understanding the scope of the report
    3. Who it’s intended for
    4. How it helps ecommerce managers
    5. How you can use it
  3. Requirements of an Ecommerce Team
    1. Defining how ecommerce fits within the business
    2. Internal demands and pressures
    3. Skill set mapping
      1. Pros and cons
    4. How ecommerce is changing
    5. How this affects ecommerce managers
  4. Managing teams: the basics
    1. First steps – building from scratch
    2. Typical roles in a digitally immature business
      1. Ecommerce manager
      2. Website admin
      3. Digital marketing executive
      4. Customer service
      5. Useful additional skills
    3. Impact of personality
    4. Aligning resources
      1. Customer services
      2. Sales & marketing
      3. Buying team
      4. Operations
      5. IT
      6. Finance and legal
    5. Influencing other teams
  5. Growing pains: identifying essential skills
    1. Controlling the pace of growth
    2. Defining gaps in resource
    3. Adding the next person: in-house vs. external
    4. Aligning new people with existing teams
    5. Building the business case for investment
  6. Challenges of managing a growing team
    1. Learning to delegate
    2. Integrating new starters
    3. Impact on team culture
    4. Impact on process
    5. Useful communication techniques
    6. Managing and empowering your team
    7. Managing silos
    8. Maintaining a healthy work/life balance
    9. Encouraging collaboration and teamwork
    10. Providing clear direction
    11. Getting senior management buy-in
  7. Management skills
    1. Core skills of effective management
    2. People management
    3. Influencing skills
    4. Budget management
    5. Decision making
    6. Planning and delivery
    7. Training and developing employees
    8. Managing exceptions and conflict
  8. Team Structures
    1. What do we mean by team structure?
    2. To build it or maintain it
    3. Problems associated with a lack of clear structure
    4. Flexibility in ecommerce
    5. Ecommerce roles
    6. Ecommerce structure models
      1. Standard top-down / bottom-up
      2. Matrix management
      3. Parallel management
      4. Project team management
    7. Complexity of team structure for international
    8. Customer centric teams
    9. Team structures and progress paths in ecommerce
  9. Finding and recruiting talent
    1. Traditional recruitment and the rise of ecommerce specialists
    2. Headhunting
    3. Recruiting via your website
    4. Reaching out via social media
    5. Networking and business contacts
    6. Peer-to-peer recommendations
  10. Impact of market developments
    1. Internationalisation
      1. Why companies expand
      2. Common challenges for ecommerce managers
      3. Issues affecting expansion
      4. Options for expanding a team
      5. Creating a business case
    2. Mobile
      1. How mobile is changing ecommerce
      2. Impact on multichannel ecommerce
      3. Learning to adapt your skill set
      4. Key job roles
      5. Integration with other business teams
    3. Multichannel and retailing in-store
      1. Key challenges for ecommerce teams
      2. Techniques for multichannel planning
      3. Common challenges
      4. Key demands on staff training
      5. Communication in a multichannel world
    4. How is ecommerce likely to evolve?
    5. Key takeaways for ecommerce managers
  11. Acknowledgements
    1. Expert contributors

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