Building on our inaugural Career and Salary Survey in 2015 (previously called The Salary Survey), Econsultancy collaborated with sister brands Marketing WeekDesign Week and Creative Review to survey nearly 8,500 people across the marketing, digital, design and advertising industries.

This report is based on data provided by those who classify themselves as general marketing and digital professionals, numbering over 4,300 individuals.

It’s been nearly three years since Econsultancy drafted its Modern Marketing Manifesto, and this survey data goes some way towards showing how well the gap between digital and general marketing is closing, and what still needs to happen before digital thinking is embedded into all aspects of business strategy.

The main objective of this research is to give a guideline of how marketers are remunerated and what the trends and variations are across different industry sectors and regions in the UK, but also to understand how they rate various remuneration packages, what benefits they receive, what their expectations are and how marketing departments evolved in the last 12 months.

The survey will help you benchmark salaries for more than 50 individual job roles including positions such as chief marketing officer, digital strategist, marketing manager and eCRM manager. We are confident that this report provides real practical value both for those working in the marketing industry who want to understand how their peers are remunerated.

Findings include:

  • Digital salaries are performing well. 2016 sees more digital roles encroach upon the general marketing space, with digital specialists faring well in terms of average salary.
  • Mobile skills are highly sought-after. Mobile emerges as the top paid specialism among digital marketers in 2016, receiving an average basic salary of £49,280.
  • The gender pay gap persists. It’s disappointing to see that a sizeable pay gap continues between men and women working in marketing.
  • Marketers want to up their skills. With digital marketing content, technology and channels evolving at a phenomenal rate, demand for high quality, digital marketing training has never been higher.
  • Marketing needs greater representation at board level. Seeking representation at the top table is ultimately what marketing needs, to ensure its value in driving revenue throughout the business is properly acknowledged.

Who should read this report?

This report is aimed at marketing practitioners (working either client-side or for an agency) who are interested in salary trends and variations, and want to benchmark their current salaries, in addition to those interested in how UK marketeres are remunerate.