Author: Dr Mike Baxter
Pages: 66
Features: 70 key points to increase conversion rates, across five core sections of best practice information and advice.

About this Guide

This special report offers best practice advice about how e-commerce sites can reduce checkout abandonment rates.

Problems with the checkout process are the biggest single source of revenue loss for most e-commerce businesses. Drawing on Dr Baxter’s expertise in both design and psychology, a checklist of 70 key recommendations and best-practice insights are identified and covered within this document.

Set out across five core sections, this practical information will help guide you through the processes needed to increase transactional conversion rates within your website.

Real-life examples from top online retailers, such as Amazon, Walmart, House of Fraser, Play.com, TicketMaster and Argos, are used as case studies to examine what’s needed to find the balance between a customer’s expectations and a retailer’s need to generate a sale.


The following areas are included within this guide:

  • Isolating the checkout
  • Navigation
  • Stock management & session timing
  • Form design
  • Validation and error-trapping
  • Address capture
  • Delivery/Gift options
  • Payment capture
  • Order summary
  • Order confirmation
  • Checkout success factors
  • Analytics & split-testing

You can download the free sample to see the full list of contents.

Who is this guide for?

This guide is a must-read for anyone involved in managing, marketing or designing transactional websites.

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