This research, published in partnership with MediaMath, covers key trends in the digital advertising sector, and highlights the growing requirement for a consumer-first approach to marketing activities to underpin both respect for individuals’ privacy and commercial success of the business.

The report is based on a global survey of more than 400 digital professionals involved in online advertising, carried out in April and May 2018.

Key findings include:

  • Industry professionals understand the need to take a consumer-first approach to marketing… but many companies are still falling short. An overwhelming 91% of responding businesses recognise the importance of putting the customer first in all their marketing efforts, but a majority (51%) say they don’t fully do so.
  • Advertisers are held back by lack of adtech and martech integration. More than nine in 10 advertisers agree that integrated technology and data allow for seamless and effective advertising, but this level of integration is a reality for only a minority of responding companies. Almost two-thirds (63%) of advertisers and an overwhelming 96% of agencies and technology providers believe that advertising and marketing technologies are insufficiently integrated.
  • The GDPR is an opportunity for change. The regulation has had at least ‘some impact’ on the marketing practices for 82% of advertisers and 86% of agencies and adtech vendors. That said, while the new privacy law represents a massive opportunity to put consumer needs front and centre of marketing and advertising, less than half of advertisers ‘strongly’ agree that they have a privacy-compliant identity solution in place.
  • Digital advertising continues to play a vital role in businesses, with brands committed to increased investment while seeking greater efficiency. This research shows that the focus for advertisers is increased advertising efficiency, with well over half of advertisers and around three-quarters of agencies and technology providers citing this as a top-three priority.